Frequently Asked Questions.

Where does Floaty Boat operate?  

We’d love to say everywhere! But the reality is we can’t split ourselves into thousands of pieces (yet!) The charity supports liveaboard boaters between Bristol, Bath & North East Somerset and Wiltshire. 

Can Floaty Boat help me financially?  
Floaty Boat is all prevention and therefore unable to offer financial assistance to individuals.
If you (or someone you know) needs financial assistance you can check your eligibility for a grant from Turn2us here:

Does Floaty Boat raise boats? 
Floaty Boat fundraises and maintains emergency equipment for the community to access.

Does Floaty Boat offer welfare support? 

If you need 1:2:1 support you can contact a member of the Julian House Travelling Communities Support Service here:

Help – I’m sinking!  
Call 999 and ask for the Fire Service in an emergency.
The Community Emergency Box can also be accessed, but always check first with your insurance company and ensure you are confident to safely operate the equipment.