Run by the Community
for the community

to enable liveaboard boaters and reduce the likelihood of reaching crisis point

The Need

Because Floaty Boat is run by boaters, we appreciate first-hand that boats can be tough at times.
Sometimes those tough bits become lots-of-tough-bits, sometimes those lots-of-tough-bits blend into one and become so overwhelmingly tough it reaches crisis. It can be stressful, expensive, overwhelming and lonely when there’s a lack of confidence, skills, specific tools, support network or finances. 

Floaty Boat exists to reduce the likelihood of reaching crisis point.
The model harnesses the strong, diverse, supportive foundations of the liveaboard boating community to create opportunities for everyone to connect, support & share; where money, background and connections don’t define you or your opportunities.

Floaty Boat believes building knowledge, resilience and empowering the community is key to prevention and keeping more boaters further from crisis by:


We run regular practical maintenance workshops. It’s for anyone who wants more confidence to learn the basics in an informal and welcoming setting.

Floaty Boat believes money should never be the barrier to knowledge or skills; anonymous donations are welcomed by those who feel able to contribute.

Tools & Equipment

We fundraise and maintain essential equipment to benefit the community
The Community Emergency Box includes pumps that boaters can access if they start to take on water. Those first few moments are critical and could make all the difference.
Handy Tools!  It’s amazing how much easier maintenance can be with the right tools. We have a selection of the basics to help maintenance.

Community Events

Connecting people within and across communities celebrating diversity and culture. Our values make each event inclusive and authentic; a place to connect with folk moored near and far.

Our Story

Floaty Boat was founded in 2018 by a group of liveaboard boaters after a member of our community grew increasingly concerned at the number of boats which were at risk of sinking. It’s every boater’s worst nightmare to watch their home sink and something we felt passionate about preventing.

The imagination of that boater has grown and evolved over the years but has very much inspired who we are today. The Floaty Boat Crew (aka Laura, Jassy and Alice) are excited to steer the ship into the next chapter.

Donate to Floaty Boat

Your donations will get us one step closer to achieving the big dream – The Floaty Boat Hub! A boat at the heart of the community where all our ideas come together under one roof.

Have a suggestion, idea or feedback?

We welcome as many ideas as possible as the Floaty Boat is only as strong as it’s contributors!

We encourage you to join our working group if you can commit to regular meetings. However, you can always attend our public meetings (dates available on the website) or alternatively contact us here.

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